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What is Femaryah?

”I want to empower women”

The last two years, my photo style has been more and more characterized by my own values, and the focus has been more on expression and feeling than only the picture itself. Last winter, I began to create something new, and for each step, my heart has confirmed that I'm on the right track.

Femaryah is my new brand where I eternalize women. Not just pregnant women, but all women. Femaryah is not just beautiful pictures, it's a feeling, an expression and a message.

For each photo shoot I donate 5% of the package to Woman to Woman. A vital organization that gives women around the world a voice.

Strong pictures with strong voices.


I love the process of planning a photo shoot. I love to choose locations and styling, to build a feeling and a concept and to let my love for my creation grow with the womans personality and expression.

Your experience with me will be a carefully planned photo shoot where styling, location and feeling is completely created from you. My pictures are not created with experienced models, they are created from the story of ordinary people.

The clothes at Femaryah are mainly from Scandinavian designers, to promote fair working conditions and to not burden our planet with long deliveries. The clothes are timeless and exclusive in luxury materials that enhance the feeling of our photo shoots.

Woman to woman

I am very committed to womens rights and gender equality. When women are treated differently just because they are women, it makes me frustrated and angry, and I want to do something for the vulnerable women around the world.

”I want my pictures to be more than nice to look at, I want them to have a purpose.”

Since my pictures should focus on empowering women, it was natural to also include charity in this brand. We therefore donate 5% from each photo shoot to the important organization, Woman to Woman. At the time of writing, it means 60 Euro from each photo shoot.

”One of the world’s leading women’s rights organizations Woman to Woman is there to give women a voice.

In our world’s wars and conflicts, women are exposed to violence and abuse and the world is still far from gender equality. We give women power of their own lives and in society.”

Read more about their important work here



- Amanda


Emelie Ohlsson, born in 1987 in Helsingborg.

I grew up in a city without traffic lights (Båstad) but I’m totally in love with New York. I think I can do what I want and even though my foot is hurt, I plan to run a marathon. I am a very happy and excited girl who has a special laughter that easily makes others start laughing. I'm one of the tsunami survivors in Khao Lak 2004 and that’s my biggest driving force, my sister Paulina never came home and with her name tattooed on my arm I’m often reminded to follow my dreams.

I’m passionate about human rights and the vulnerable in society, I’m not afraid to correct people who are offensive or xenophobic. I am honest, determined and I have an open heart for everyone (besides racists, I'm not your photographer).

I love TV shows and I know all the episodes from “Friends” by heart, I see myself as a mix between Chandler and Phoebe. I love science fiction and laugh until I cry to Seinfeld. Since I was a child I have loved TV games and I still play as often as I can, sometimes even computer games in periods.

Everything I do, I do it with a lot of emotion and power, photography is my way of reflecting power and emotions and I think it’s the absolute best job ever.


– Submit your request below, answer as fully as possible on the questions.

– We review your request and check availability for your due date with our team and dates for the trip.

– If we are available you will receive a confirmation invoice at a cost of 450€.

– About 5 working days after your confirmed booking, you will receive a personally created moodboard proposal for your unique photo shoot. After that you can make suggestions for adjustments.

– 2 weeks before the photo shoot, you will receive your Femaryah guide with all the information that you need to know before the photo shoot.

"Every flower is a soul blossoming in nature"

I love to create my pictures with flowers. In the spring of 2017, I made my first flower top for a pregnant model, and one of the pictures was printed on the cover of the Swedish magazine “Kamera & Bild” (Camera and Image).

We love working with flowers! You will have the possibility to wish for flower top, flower crown, decorative flowers or flower bed.

Femaryah collection

A selection of the new dresses available for your maternity shoot.


Tulle and lace


A power dress!


Perfect for the fall


A chiffon dream from by Malina.


Romantic creation from Ida Sjöstedt

Lace set GRAY

Also available in pink and white.
"Oh wow! Is that really me? You really have huge skills. I don’t think you understand my gratitude, so happy you took the time to photograph me. This is truly a dream that has become true. Thank you for being such a good photographer, but mostly because of the wonderful person you are ♥"


Answers to common questions

I am particularly focused on creating beautiful and strong pictures of the pregnant mother. The photo shoot is carefully planned and customed the pregnant mother, therefore I don’t offer photography of siblings and partners.

Everyone you see on this page is ”common people” that I provide directives to create the strong feeling and expression in the pictures. I will help you how to stand, look and move to get the natural and beautiful pictures. If you’re very uncomfortable to be in front of the camera, just tell me and we’ll spend some extra time so you’ll feel comfortable.

You will also get inspiration from your moodboard so you can see how the results can look like.

In this new concept I create a personal moodboard for you with suggestions of outfits that will match you and your requests. Here you can add something and make adjustments to create the best styling for you.

I will be available all over Europe at selected dates. I have my studio in Helsingborg, south of Sweden. 

When you book a Femaryah shoot, I create a moodboard for you and your wishes, and we also decide on the desired light and touch. If this light does not match the weather, we always reschedule the photo shoot, as well as in case of heavy winds, rain or snowfall. You can feel secure that I will always choose a day with the best conditions for our planned pictures.

My previous brand Love by Emelie was started in 2015 and the reason for the brand is the same. The difference is that Femaryah has a different expression in the pictures that is more power and strength, rather than taking easy-going maternity pictures with flying train. The pictures of Femaryah is more fashion-oriented, with stronger expressions and more dramatic environments. I have also chosen to focus only on the pregnant mother, since my strength is to empower women. We have invested in more expensive and more exclusive dresses for Femaryah, such as brands from Ida Sjöstedt, By Malina and Anna Campbell.

Emelie is a photography genius, sun priestess
and capturer of all things magic...
Rachel Brathens
Yoga girl

MATERNITY SHOOT SWEDEN 2016 & aruba 2017


Available at selected dates

Travel and accommodation 
Personally created moodboard for your photo shoot
2 outfits from our exclusive closet
Consultation before the photo shoot
2 hours of photo shoot
5 pc. digital pictures with free use
”Keep you warm” – package with heat bags, blankets and special pillows to help you stay warm. 

150 000 ISK

By booking this package, 625 SEK will be donated to the organization Woman to Woman


Travel and accommodation to your location
Personally created moodboard for your photo shoot
2 outfits from our exclusive closet
Consultation before the photo shoot
2 hours of photo shoot
5 pc. digital pictures with free use

€ 2,000

By booking this package, 625 SEK will be donated to the organization Woman to Woman


Outside Europe. Available at selected dates depending on location

Travel and accommodation to your location outside Europe
Personally created moodboard for your photo shoot
2 outfits from our exclusive closet
Consultation before the photo shoot
2 hours of photo shoot
5 pc. digital pictures with free use

3 000

By booking this package, 625 SEK will be donated to the organization Woman to Woman


Welcome to submit your request for a maternity shoot with me!

Each Femaryah shoot is personally customized, so we offer you this form so we get a clear picture of you and what you want. You will then receive an answer about availability and then get your personally created moodboard after booking. As each photo shoot is created with great care, we have a limited number of available dates each month, so submit your request as soon as possible to secure your date.

Your request doesn’t guarantee an available date, and is not binding.

Your records will only be saved while delivering your pictures and will be deleted afterwards. 


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